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Counselling Services.

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Depression & Anxiety Management


Depression & anxiety manifest differently in each person. At Krystal Ellis Counselling, individualised, person-centred treatment enables you to live with depression or anxiety and fulfil your potential.

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Grief & Loss Counselling


Grief and loss are natural emotions triggered by the loss of someone or something precious to you. There is no right way to grieve. Speak to a proffessional about your experience for individual support.

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Life & Career Counselling


Life is a series of inevitable transitions, some of which can cause uncertainty or require deliberate planning for the best outcomes. These services are designed to help you with career and life designs and change.

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Family & Couples Counselling


Access experienced therapy to gain insights and work through problems in your family or romantic relationship in a supporting, empowering and judgement-free environment. 

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Child & Adolescent Mental Health


Krystal Ellis Counselling is experienced in working with children and young people affected by mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and loss. Children and young people are supported in manner best suited to their needs.

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Gender & Sexual Diversity Identity Counselling

Krystal Ellis Counselling offers friendly, confidential and supportive gender and sexual diversity identity counselling tailored to the needs of each client. Director and Counsellor, Krystal, identifies as LGTBIG+ friendly. 


And a range of other services including domestic violence survivor counselling, anger management, trauma counselling, play therapy and crisis counselling.


 Services are charged at $180 an hour.

          Medicare rebates available 

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