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What people are saying

“I came to KM Counselling toward the end of 2019. I was in crisis, my mental health was in decline, I was not coping and my mental illness had been triggered. I needed help & from my very first session, I instantly felt comfortable and I knew Krystal was a counsellor who I wanted on my mental health team. To be heard, to be seen and to be understood at this critical point in my struggle was exactly what I needed. She helped me navigate my way through my overwhelming emotional state and my year of hardships. Krystal has guided me towards a better understanding of myself. Allowing myself to acknowledge and process the grief surrounding my mental illness, which I have held onto for over a decade. By learning ways forward in regards to accepting my Bipolar II diagnosis. Empowering me in my ongoing recovery process, building up my self confidence, through validation and reinforcment of the strengths, that I often overlook or hold doubts over. Krystal once said to me, "You are you and no-one else can be you", words which resonated with me, especially as I began to carve a path of mental health self advocacy in both my personal and professional life. Counselling with Krystal is a crucial element in my recovery process, in maintaining my mental health and building resilience. I am so grateful to have Krystal of KM Counselling in my corner, now and continuing into the future.”

— Anon.

“Krystal has supported me through one of the most difficult years of my life, providing me with tools to successfully navigate many stressful and traumatic events that I could not have managed on my own.

I have found her very easy to talk and open up to, even about issues that go back a long way. I feel that I could tell her anything without any fear of judgement.

With her guidance I have found a new perspective and patience with myself and situations affecting me.

I cannot thank Krystal enough and I would recommend her to anyone.”

- Anon

I remember feeling lost, alone and feeling overwhelmed. I remember my doctor recommending Krystal to council me.
I had doubt that someone could understand what I'm feeling as I didn't even know.

I remember meeting Krystal for the first time. It was one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences I have had on my mental health journey.

Krystal has helped me understand myself better than I ever have before. She treats you with respect, understanding, compassion and professionalism.

Her abilities and knowledge in her field are nothing short of amazing.

Thank you Krystal


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